Buy Up Campaign: Shop Women Friendly Companies

You have power to change the world each and every time you go to the store. And if you believe in gender equality, you can shop in a way that matches your principles.

Buy Up Index shows you which companies are really committed to making the world fairer for women.

We joined up with the Buycott team for this special campaign to encourage you to Buy Up products from women-friendly companies - instead of boycotting companies that disappoint us. It’s positive reinforcement.

We’ve made a list of 10 companies that will sell you everything from soap to scotch, with tampons, soup, laundry liqud, and ice cream in between. Basically, your weekly shopping list can be entirely #GenderFair.

All the companies in the campaign received an “A” rating on the Buy Up Index for good female leadership, employee policies, marketing, and philanthropy. You can see their full scores on the BuyUpIndex app and get more details about company policies, programs, causes, etc.

When shopping, you can use the Buycott app to scan products and find those on this Super Gender Equality List:

Avon has raised awareness and funded programs on domestic violence since 1994, as well as having a female CEO.

Diageo created a $10 million Plan W to empower two million women in 17 countries by 2017, signed the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles, has a target of 30 percent female executives and 50 percent new MBA hires, and requires leadership shortlists to include women.

Danone recently announced a six-month paid parental leave that extends to same sex couples, and the company has been tracking gender in various levels of leadership since 2009.

General Mills produces an Annual Diversity Scorecard with specific goals for leadership, factors diversity outcomes into compensation, and allows new moms to phase back into work over eight weeks.

Kellogg’s leadership program, Women of Kellogg, has chapters worldwide, and the company has a goal to identify women farmers in the supply chain and provide them resources and assistance by 2020.

L’Oreal has reached 57 percent women managers and guarantees 14 weeks paid maternity leave across 68 countries.

J&J’s program with Smith College created an 30 percent increase in women executives. Plus, moms who give birth get 17 paid weeks off; paternal and adoptive parents get eight weeks.

Nestlé stated its goal to become gender balanced by 2018. It also has 77 trainers in unconscious bias who work throughout the company.

P&G claims a board that is nearly half women (45 percent), and their Work@flex program personalizes schedules. The company committed to give $5 million to programs that break barriers for girls.

Unilever has set goals to empower five million women in the supply chain by 2020, and 73 percent employees compress their workweek.

We encourage you to choose your purchases from these "A" companies, so they are rewarded for making a difference in women’s lives. Then please take the time to send a Tweet or Facebook message — companies really respond to customer feedback. Not only will you be giving them your valuable social media love and business, but hopefully, your action will inspire all their competitors to do likewise. Just imagine how much gender equality that would be.

Your dollar is your vote. So remember, vote for women.

Be a Shopping Superhero!

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